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Algorithm-to-chips is Algotochip’s mission. We turn algorithms into chips by converting your Behavioral Algorithm C-code into Architecture C-code into RTL into GDS-II. Get a copy of our White Paper

You can also get a copy of the recently published Semico-Algotochip White Paper here: Semico-Algotochip White Paper


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About Us Algotochip is a Silicon Valley startup revolutionizing digital chip design. Algotochip dramatically reduces chip design cycles to 8-16 weeks by directly converting customer's C-algorithms into an optimal digital chip implementation. Algotochip also achieves previously unimaginable power savings.

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Our Technology Algotochip's first generation system - the BlueBox™ - is a single system which fully automates the entire development cycle of a Digital device in 8 to 16 weeks between the algorithm input which is represented in ANSI C language and the GDS-II which is in a tape-out form to foundry, as well as the entire development from the optimized RTL to its FPGA

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Our Engagement
Algotochip does all the work in creating a digital solution and all the required software and firmware from the customer's "C" code. The customer does not need to use nor need to have any knowledge of Algotochip's Proprietary technology.

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